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VS1 Pro-12 Vacuum circuit breaker- with composite insulated pole

VS1 Pro Series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is an indoor switchgear component with rated voltage of 12 kV and AC of 50 Hz. The products meet the requirements of GB / t1984-2014 high voltage AC circuit breaker, GB / t11022-2011 common technical requirements for high voltage switchgear and control equipment standards, JB / t3855-2008 high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker, DL / t403-2000 technical conditions for ordering 12kV ~ 40.5kV high voltage vacuum circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker adopts modular spring operating mechanism with high mechanical stability. It can be stored by AC or DC power supply, or by hand. It has the advantages of small volume, strong breaking capacity, high insulation strength, no pollution, no explosion danger and so on. The product can provide control and protection for distribution facilities no matter under normal conditions or fault conditions (especially under short circuit conditions). Under rated parameters, the products can operate frequently and cut off short-circuit current for many times. The circuit breaker can be used not only for fixed installation unit, but also for special propulsion mechanism to form handcart unit.
Product Information

Product information:

Enhanced VS1 products, standard medium voltage circuit breaker products

Rated voltage: 12KV

Rated current: 630a-3150a

Rated short circuit breaking current: 20ka-40ka

20000 times of mechanical life, less maintenance

Baoguang vacuum interrupter

With composite insulation pole

Modular spring operating mechanism, energy saving and efficient, easy to maintain

Altitude: 2000m

Meet GB / JB / dl standard

Installation mode: fixed type / handcart type

Handcart type products are suitable for 800mm / 1000mm wide kyn28-12 and other mainstream central cabinets. Fixed products can be installed in xgn-12 and other fixed cabinets with complete "five prevention" measures


Baoguang brand new high quality vacuum interrupter is selected, which has high withstand voltage level, quick recovery after arc and strong breaking ability

Modular spring mechanism, high transmission efficiency, more convenient maintenance, mechanism with manual energy storage handle, energy storage convenient and labor-saving

Optimized design of main circuit, reliable electrical performance

Schneider lean production system, advanced industrial design, more advantageous delivery time


Construction industry (public, commercial building, real estate, etc.) industrial field (petroleum, chemical industry, steel, coal mine, metallurgy, etc.) new energy power generation

Power grid system

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