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OVK series intelligent control device

A multifunctional intelligent integrated dynamic simulation and indication device developed for medium voltage switchgear, which integrates the functions of primary circuit dynamic simulation (handcart position, grounding knife position, switch opening and closing state, energy storage state), high voltage live indication and locking, temperature and humidity control, voice error prevention, infrared human body induction, on-line temperature measurement of electrical nodes, communication and so on, The switch cabinet panel design is simplified, the layout is beautified, and the switch status indication function is improved.
Product Information

All external contact signals are photoelectrically isolated and ESD (electrostatic protection) protection circuit is added

The system power supply is isolated from the external signal input circuit
The temperature and humidity sensors of international brands make the measurement accuracy more reliable, with humidity ± 2% RH and temperature ± 0.3
There is no need to short circuit or pull out the terminal during the voltage withstand test of the switch cabinet
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