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VK12-E-12P Vacuum circuit breaker with fixed pole

VK12-E-12P Series fixed pole vacuum circuit breaker is equipped with special vacuum interrupter with low loop resistance. Its contact has low electric wear speed, long electrical life, high fracture withstand voltage level, stable dielectric insulation strength, rapid recovery after arc, low current cut-off value and strong breaking capacity.

The operating mechanism adopts spring energy storage structure, with manual and electric energy storage functions. The operating mechanism is located in the frame behind the arc chamber. The product has the characteristics of long life, less maintenance,and low noise.
Product Information

Product information:

The product parameters and specifications are complete

Rated voltage: 12KV

Rated current: 630A-4000A

Rated short circuit breaking current: 20ka-40ka

30000 times of mechanical life, less maintenance

Baoguang vacuum interrupter

With solid sealing pole, the environment adaptability is stronger

Spring operating mechanism, simple and reliable

It can be used to cut off electric container

Altitude: 2000m

Meet GB / JB / dl standard

Installation mode: fixed type / handcart type

Handcart type products are suitable for 800mm / 1000mm wide kyn28-12 and other mainstream central cabinets. Fixed products can be installed in xgn-12 and 

other fixed cabinets with complete "five prevention" measures


Baoguang brand new high quality vacuum interrupter is selected, which has high withstand voltage level, quick recovery after arc and strong breaking ability

All solid sealing pole, imported epoxy resin, good insulation performance and new generation of electrical components

Better material selection and process of parts

Self designed modular spring mechanism is more convenient for maintenance

The secondary protection function is powerful: closing and opening coil anti burning, three times forced opening, anti tripping function compatible with 

comprehensive protection

Won a number of national patents

Schneider lean production system, advanced industrial design, more advantageous delivery time


Construction industry (public, commercial building, real estate, etc.) industrial field (petroleum, chemical industry, steel, coal mine, metallurgy, etc.) new energy 

power generation

Power grid system
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